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How it works

  1. Register - Teachers can register free.  Once you register, you'll have access to the teacher admin page.
  2. Enrol students - On the teacher admin page you choose which programs you wish to enrol for and nominate how many students you'd like in each competition. The cost is $6.00  per student with a one off school Admin Fee of $40
  3. Make payment - Send the printable invoice along with payment to the Asia Wise Education address in your country.
  4. Activate - Once we've received your payment, we'll activate your account and send the materials to you.  This will allow your students to access questions and resources.
  5. Participate - The Asia Wise Challenge comprises 50 multiple choice questions, requiring students to make use of all resources available in the library.
  6. Get feedback - Students can electronically submit their answers to see how they performed against national averages.

"Feedback on schools progress in relation to state for each category was useful."
- Roslyn Allison, Glenmore State School


The top ambassador this week is Sarah DAVIES from Sydney Girls High School (NSW, Australia), with 100 points!